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CAFF Teaching Materials

This repository includes teaching materials for high school and undergraduate teaching labs developed by the NSF Center for Adapting Flaws into Features. These labs largely focus on hands on spectroscopy-based activities that introduce students to topics relevant to physical chemistry and advanced data analysis techniques. A summary of current labs is included below. Relevant teaching materials and code for each lab are included in the lab folders.
Lab 1: Introduction to Spectroscopy and Data Science


The python script to compute the adsorbate induced contribution to line-width parameters, and surface plasmon width, for chemical interface damping according to the method described by Persson, B. N. J., Polarizability of small spherical metal particles: influence of the matrix environment. Surface Science 1993, 281, 153-162.
The script gives the normal and tangential contributions of the adsorbate to the line-width parameters, and surface plasmon width. The script also generates the plots of the function J(ω), and function Im (ω). For details see the original paper.